Shelter Belt Trees and Hedges

Acacia dealbata - $2.45 each SOLD OUT

Acacia dealbataAcacia dealbata (Silver Wattle). Good for soil stabilisation, and are nitrogen fixing. Coppices well, very fast early growth, and attractive to bees. Some salt wind tolerance. Clay soil tolerant. Not planted as a long term tree, more as a quick shelter and firewood species. Grows to 10 metres (in 5 years), and 20 metres (at maturity) if not trimmed. 5 metres wide if not trimmed.Tolerates light to medium frosts, and ok in extended droughts. Crown has golden yellow flowers in late winter to early spring. These seedlings are approximately 15-25 cm high. Evergreen.

Acacia melanoxylin - $2.45 each SOLD OUT

Acacia melanoxylinAcacia melanoxylin (Tasmanian Blackwood) trees fix nitrogen in the soil. They like high rainfall areas, and attain large sizes in gullies. These plants are approx 200-400mms in height. Valuable timber for cabinet making (in 30-35 years). Ideal in shady, moist gullies. Not tolerant of salt. Handles only light frosts when young. Impressive specimen tree, with a mass of yellow flowers in spring. Very fast early growth when young. Grows to 5 metres (in 10 years) and 20-30 metres (at maturity) if not trimmed. Evergreen.

Casuarina glauca - $2.45 each

Casuarina glaucaCasuarina glauca (She-oak, Swamp oak) root trainers. Plants average 20-40 cms in height. Very popular fast growing shelter belt variety, tolerates severe trimming, and has needle-like leaves it successfully buffers wind speed through it. Can cope with moderate salt wind. Can cope with peat and swampy soils as well as dry soils and drought conditions. Copes with medium frosts. Good firewood tree (burns hot). Does not harbour pest or diseases (so good for orchards). Good erosion control tree. Grows to 20 metres (at maturity) if not trimmed. Normally need to trim only every second year. Good in brackish water in coastal regions. Coppices well from a stump. Evergreen. Please note: It is not advisable to plant too close to open or piped drains, as roots actively seek water and block drains. They produce suckers with seedlings coming up close to parent plant. They require regular watering until established.

Cryptomeria japonica - $2.45 each

Cryptomeria japonicaCryptomeria japonica (Japanese cedar). Attractive shelterbelt tree. A slower growing tree, so therefore needs less trimming. A very thick shelterbelt, so ideal to screen properties from dusty roads.3 metres height in 5 years, and to a maximum height of 20 metres. Shade tolerant, requires well drained soil. Frost hardy. Seedlings approximately 15-25 cms high. Evergreen. Please note: leaves go brown in winter – this is completely normal.

Eucalyptus cordata - $2.45 each

Eucalyptus cordataEucalyptus cordata (Heart leaf silver gum) are an attractive tree that suits cold moist climates. Great for farm windbreaks as it has low branches that trim well. Coppicing tree. Medium growth. Grows to 15 metres (in 10 years) and 20 metres (at maturity) if not trimmed. Popular for shelter in orchards. These plants are approx 20-40cms in height. White flowers Aug – Sept which are attractive to bees. Trims well. Good on exposed sites and good in winds. Moderate salt tolerance. Evergreen.

Eucalyptus fastigata - $2.45 each

Eucalyptus fastigataEucalyptus fastigata (Brown barrel) is good milling timber, and good for hill stabilisation and shelter. Suits fertile moist soil that is well drained. Also is OK in moderate to high rainfall areas (750mm+). Not particularly drought tolerant. Grows to 15 metres (in 10 years) and 30-40 metres (at maturity) if not trimmed. Grows to a healthy size over most of NZ. Ideal for carbon farm credits. Popular for shelter in orchards. These plants are approx 10-20cms in height. Fast growing tree. Good on clay soils and cool sites. Not tolerant of salt. Creamy white flowers Dec - Feb. Evergreen. Coppicing.

Eucalyptus nitens - $2.45 each SOLD OUT

Eucalyptus nitensEucalyptus nitens (Shining gum). Very fast growing shelter and firewood tree. Coppicing. Grows to a 10 metres in 5 years, and to a maximum height of 50 metres. Frost hardy, and suitable to wet but not drought conditions. Tolerates salt winds and clay soils. White flower Jan – March. Seedlings approximately 20 cms high. Evergreen.

Eucalyptus ovata - $2.45 each SOLD OUT

Eucalyptus ovataEucalyptus ovata (Swamp gum) root trainers. 20-30 cms high. Great tree for wet, cold sites, and is a great firewood tree (firewood spacing 2 metres). Copes with waterlogged soils (including peat). Medium tolerance to salt. Can cope with heavy frosts (More frost tolerant than Eucalyptus nitens). Good shade tree for stock and farm shelter belt tree. Attracts birds and is a good erosion control tree. Drought tolerant (more than Eucalyptus nitens). Coppices well from a stump (in approximately 5 years). Grows to 15 metres (in 10 years) and 18-25 metres (at maturity) if not trimmed. Useful for fast shelter. Popular shelter in orchards. Evergreen. White flowers March - June.

Pinus radiata - $2.45 each SOLD OUT

Pine treesPinus radiata (Monterey pine) root trainers. Plants average 10-20 cms in height. Fast growing shelter belt variety, great for windbreaks as well as shelter belts. Withstands heavy trimming, has a high salt and frost tolerance. Great firewood tree. These pine trees are not GF rated so can't be used for saleable timber. Trim to ANY height, but will need to trim every year. Good wind tolerance, grows to 20-40 metres if not trimmed. Evergreen.

Dibble Stick - $18.50 each SOLD OUT

Dibble StickUsed to ram potting mix around the seedlings when transplanting into PB2 bags.Stainless steel with a comfortable wooden handle.Free delivery with any sale.

PB2 Plastic Bags - $0.15 each

PB2 Plastic BagsBuy in conjunction with a Dibble Stick. “Grow on” these plants for a year so they are taller – reducing the risk of pests reaching the tasty growing tips. Bags of potting mix or a scoop can be purchased from your local landscape supplier. This is an economical option worth considering. Free delivery with any sale.

Planting Spade - $120 each SOLD OUT

Planting SpadeNew Zealand made, and is a quality product. Great for planting large numbers of shelterbelt seedlings. It has a very narrow tip, is heavy, making it more effective. Also great for grubbing thistles and general gardening. Sold at cost price as a service to our customers – you will probably never need another spade.

Rabbit Protector Spray - $24.95 each

Rabbit Protector SprayThis has been developed by New Zealand Forestry Institute. It is an egg based powder that treats 100 seedlings. This works out to 25 cents per plant, so is good value. Free delivery with any sale. Does not work on possums.

Tree Guards – Corrugated plastic - $7.70 each

Tree Guards – Corrugated plasticThese have been researched and trialled and I believe are the best value on the market. Protect your investment from sheep, possums, and rabbits (apart from the odd rogue one!)

They are 500mm height and 150mm square. Being made from corrugated plastic helps insulate the plants from frosts.

Comes with a pencil sharp solid (no knots) gum stake that is larger this year. The precut piece of weedmat (with two metal securing pins) helps prevent the plant from being overcome by weeds. Can be installed in less than a minute.

Requirements to install: one sledgehammer.

Courier costs for two boxes holds 50 tree protectors, stakes, etc.


  • All prices include GST.
  • All plants sold are non - poisonous to stock and humans.
  • GST receipt issued upon sale.
  • Pickup Pipiwai Road, 15 minutes each way from Kamo, Whangarei.
  • 7 day plant guarantee from date of delivery.
  • With an order you are agreeing to the following terms:


Each plant is carefully checked before it leaves the nursery. We cannot unconditionally guarantee the success or growth of plants as there are obviously external factors beyond our control. Nor can we be held responsible for any advice given as it is done site unseen.


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